Our international team celebrates and values diversity in all its forms. The members’ breadth of national and international experience and backgrounds contribute to their profound belief in corporate and individual citizenship that can make our communities better places for all.

About Our Founder:

Dr. Michael Peters has spent his professional career in service to his country. Following decades as an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force in numerous roles and capacities, he now serves as the director of the Naval Reserve’s Professional Development and Mentorship Program. His passion is to aid people in realising their full potential and in helping them identify and overcome leadership impediments.

Michael earned the 4th highest medal that the US offers. This is a small extract from the citation he received “Michael B. Peters distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service…key leader…exemplary drive, vision, and superb planning abilities.”

Dr. Michael Peter's Qualifications & Certifications

About Our Team:

Dr. David Sather has a widespread background in non-profit leadership, global leadership development and construction management. His skill set includes supporting production company design, start-ups, development, and evaluations. David also focuses on strategic foresight, within strategic leadership.