Our Services

Strategic Initiatives

Way Ahead is uniquely suited to assist you in identifying, refining, and implementing your custom-crafted strategic vision More so, it will provide you the necessary support to implement that vision and its supporting goals. Finally, it will aid you in drafting a global assessment plan to fully and accurately understand how that plan is unfolding.

Strategic Transformation

Through the use of tools such as cultural assessments, WASC will aid your organization in the development of strategic, measurable, and achievable objectives, we will assist in transforming your organization through implementing meaningful and advantageous change management techniques, technologies, and training that empowers your employees and executives to execute the strategy ahead. 

Speaking Engagements

With our diverse, multicultural and international team of strategic consultants, Way Ahead would be delighted to provide speakers to meet any leadership need you may choose.

Curriculum Development

As you develop your own internal training programs, Way Ahead has the credentials and expertise to custom craft curriculum for any courses or programs you are considering.


Given the depth and diversity of WASC, we are optimally staffed to provide mentorship ourselves or to facilitate the implementation of a dynamic mentorship program that takes advantage of the opportunities you offer and best meets your needs.


Whether we provide the innumerable benefits of coaching to you and your organization ourselves, or help you set up a vibrant internal coaching program, WASC is ideally situated to assist.

Leadership Development

Way Ahead will facilitate a culture where leadership is developed and empowered at all levels and is admired and respected rather than feared and avoided. Engaged collaboration will develop personalized transformational leadership strategies to ensure highly functional and efficient teams.  WASC will identify and recommend the most appropriate mechanisms, such as coaching and mentoring to support these initiatives.


Way Ahead is eager to offer seminars, workshops and retreats specifically customized to meets the needs of you and your staff, whether it is to overcome a perceived obstacle you face or to develop new and exciting skill sets.

  • Introduction to Leadership

  • Sources of Power

  • Leadership Styles

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communications

  • Skills/Styles

  • Coaching Skills/Theory

  • Coaching Practice

  • Mentorship and Mentorship Programs

  • Building Collaborative Networks

  • Recognition Programs

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creative Problem Solving


  • Conflict Resolution (TKI)

  • Persuasion and Influence

  • Strategic Planning Skills

  • Change Management

  • Feedback and Performance Appraisals

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Goal Setting

  • Assessment Planning

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Building Leadership Character

  • Values Based Leadership

  • Personal Values

  • Self-Awareness Development

  • Leadership Resilience